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City Square Dental in Mississauga offers highly affordable dental sedation services, ensuring patients experience pain free dentistry, whether its a simple dental cleaning or a root canal you will feel no pain.

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"Dentistry asleep increases our patients comfort levels, and allows our dentist to operate in a calm environment, leading to superior results."

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Sedation Dentistry Options

Sedation has been used in many medical procedures and has been useful in treating dental issues as well. It is a useful application that dentists use not only for oral prophylaxis but for other invasive procedures. Sedation is used to make the patient relax while a dentist performs a dental procedure. Some people refer to it as sleep dentistry even though it is not literal. Levels of sedation may vary according to the need and they are as follows:


Inhaled Minimal Sedation

Patients are made to breathe in nitrous oxide or laughing gas in layman’s term. This gas is combined with oxygen and delivered to the body through a mask as the dental practitioner controls the intake. The gas would wear off quickly that is why this is used only for fast application of a dental procedure or solution.


Oral Sedation

Oral sedation may differ in level depending on the required dose a procedure needs. Pills provide minimum effect and dentists typically use Halcion which belongs in the same category as Valium. Patients are administered this solution an hour prior to procedure. This is the most common sedation solution used in dentistry.


IV Moderate Sedation

Patients of any kind receive the drug through intravenous administration. The drug takes effect quickly and allows dentists to adjust a patient’s level of intake. The patient is still on the edge of consciousness.


General Anesthesia

Patients are rendered unconscious in this type of sedation where a patient is put to sleep during conduction of a certain procedure. The effect of
this type is severe that it takes to wait for it to wear off or the process has to be reversed by administering another medication.

Sedation Dentistry as a Highly Effective Technique

dentistry asleep

Thinking about what you may be into when you visit your dentist could drive you crazy. You are not alone in this thinking as many people experience a lot of anxieties when scheduled to see a dental practitioner.

Whether it is just for a regular checkup or a procedure, people would get their shirts dampened by sweat as they fear looking at the instruments dentists use. But these days, many improvements on dental industry have come to alleviate fears of the patients and one of them is sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry has become the most common technique that has quelled patient fears. This is a kind of technique which does not require needles as the medications used create comfort that most patients are looking forward every time they are scheduled for dental routines or procedures. It makes patients more cooperative as it allays fears normally exhibited when facing dental practitioners.

This technique has proven many positive effects not only during the procedure. As the patients are recommended to receive routine oral care in a procedure’s aftermath, they would be less likely to put to neglect their own oral health or permit oral health issue buildup that may result to another drastic series of treatments.

Therefore, it is imperative to search for the most appropriate professional who can deal with your issues and who can prevent you from seeing another dentist due to a wrong dental solution.