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City Square Dental offers convenient emergency dental services to our patients in Mississauga. We also accept new patients that have a dental emergency and that require immediate attention. Call us for more details.

Emergency Dental Clinic

  • Sudden toothache caused by cavities, or tooth decay
  • Chipped, cracked or knocked out teeth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Teeth in One Day with All on 4 Denture Implants
  • Emergency dental services before a trip or vacation

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Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Other Tooth Replacement Options



As an initial cleansing of the mouth, one should rinse or gargle with warm water. Flossing is done after rinsing the oral cavity to make sure that there are no more stains or particles in between teeth. If there is inflammation of the oral mucosa, a cold compress must be applied to on one or both cheeks, depending on the situation. Do not place aspirin and analgesics against the gingiva or close to the tooth experiencing soreness as it may cause burns in the gum tissue. One should secure an appointment with the dentist for further care and management.


Chipped or knocked-out teeth

When in this kind of situation, as much as possible, you must save detached pieces. Knocked-out teeth that are placed back to their position within an hour have a high likelihood of being saved. Cleanse your mouth using warm water. Do the same for the teeth that were chipped off. If the patient is experiencing blood loss, you can apply a gauze pad over the area for 10 minutes or until the hemorrhage stops. A cold compress should be applied to the outside the mouth or cheek close to the chipped or knocked-out tooth to keep alleviate the pain and decrease the swelling. An immediate dental check-up is advised to prevent infection and restore function.


Lost filling and crown

Lost Filling – One could temporarily use a bubble gum free of sugar or dental cement to hold the filling in place until such time that you are able to reach your doctor and have your teeth checked.

Lost Crown – When one of your dental crowns falls off, call your dentist to set an appointment and carry the detached crown with you. If there is no available dentist yet, one could utilize a cotton swab with clove oil. Coat the internal surface of the crown with the dental adhesive then slip it back to its original place.


Particles sandwiched in between teeth

Floss gently to remove the particles after every meal. If it can’t be removed, set an appointment with the dentist. By no means should you use sharp objects like pins or tip of a pen to try and get a stuck object. Such instruments can add damage to your oral cavity.


Teeth in one day - All on 4 dental implants

If you have an emergency situation with your dentures, City Square Dental offers teeth in one day, with our superior alternative to traditional dentures. Using all on 4 implants you can have new teeth that for a solid foundation for your dental implant dentures. Call us to learn more.

Our Services

If you have any type of dental emergency and need immediate assistance we have emergency dentist on duty ready to help solve your dental emergency problems immediately. Please call our emergency dentist at: (289) 521-2555

When Dental Emergencies Happen


A dental emergency is a condition wherein the patient’s face and oral cavity are unable to work as expected. When that happens, the patient should seek urgent care at once. Ideally, one does not need to wait for a life-threatening situation before calling an emergency dentist or rushing to the nearest heath institution. Preventative measures should be taken to act immediately as pain is a sign that something is wrong in the body.

Disregarding or not taking into account small details like tooth injury or trauma could bring about more negative effects to ones self.

When searching for dental emergency services, one should be alert and aware of the guiding principles to be able to avoid the possibility of further complications. Some emergency units are available 24/7, but City Square Dental offers dental emergency services only within our clinic hours. Please call our dental emergency hotline to find out more information.